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Singles to Go Variety Pack 90 ct

Singles to Go Variety Pack 90 ct

Wyler's Light Singles to Go! Variety Pack 90 ct. Includes 30 Lemonade, 30 Pink Lemonade, and 30 Strawberry Lemonade.

Take delicious flavor with you anywhere you go with Wyler's Light Singles to go drink mix. Each packet provides a burst of flavr to bottled or tap water, and with only 5 calories per serving, you can drink up! It's also sugar free and caffeine free, too.

  1. Sip from a full bottle of water to make room for powder.
  2. Pour one packet into a 16.9 fl oz bottle of water, or a large glass of water.
  3. Shake bottle or mix well until powder dissolves.
  4. Mix with a 20 fl oz bottle of water for milder flavor.
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